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Your PASS to Quick, Effective Piping and Equipment Simulation and Sizing

PASS/START-PROF displays stress analysis results, shows piping deformations and marks problem elements/places by read color.

Piping and equipment simulation and design can quickly become very complex. This should not come as a surprise because piping systems often consist of thousands or more components exposed to possibly extreme environments (temperatures, pressures, wind, rain, snow, seismic conditions, etc.). A lot of effort has been made by researchers and plant engineers to ensure good, safe designs for process plants and other piping systems. Special tools are needed to consider all appropriate operating conditions, specific complex physical phenomena (multiphase flow, surge, severe and terrain slugging, pipe-soil interaction, nonlinear effects in piping supports and many others) and related safety codes when designing piping systems and equipment for process plants. Ideally, these tools should not require users to be simulation experts, but enable “regular” engineers to design safe and well performing systems through reliable simulation. Fortunately, such tools already exist.

PASS: The Piping and equipment Analysis & Sizing Suite from PSRE offers smart, powerful tools for every engineer. The suite has been developed by engineering experts with the needs of regular engineers in mind and is already in successful use at hundreds of companies. Powerful CAE tools for non-simulation experts – is it really possible? The short answer is YES, and thousands of PASS users are proof of that. If you are wondering how it is possible to create such tool, there are no secret ingredients, just conversion of extensive engineering know-how into software combined with advanced technologies:

-Use and integrate best in class modern methods, algorithms and software libraries – both, proprietary and from partners all over the world

-Expose them through an easy to use and friendly GUI (Graphical User Interface)

-Provide flexible integration and data exchange between PASS components and CAD software to make CAE tools

a part of any effective design workflow

-Embed and use knowledge to make the tools smart, automate standard tasks and free-up users to better focus on creativity in design

-Help the user with access to professional knowledge and experience as well as becoming more efficient using the software (context help with professional knows how to design!)

-Train  the  user  with  the  focus  on  understanding

international and national standards, model creation,

analysis results, and best design practices

-Provide  quick  professional  support  directly  from

developers and experts


-Provide simulation service by experts for the most complex problems

PASS customers benefit further from our flexible configurations and affordable pricing options tailored for the needs of all users, from individual engineers to small and medium businesses and up to huge international corporations.

The PASS Suite of software – enabling smart, effective engineers.

If you want to learn more about PASS and see it in action visit us at ACHEMA 2018 (Hall 9.2 B17)!

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