PRO.CO.I.M specialized in the manufacture of complete handling systems

The company PRO.CO.I.M. LTD was established in 1997. It is based on decades of experience of its founders, gained in one of the major Italian company, specialized in the manufacture of complete handling systems. Initially, the company has been dedicated particularly to the construction of a metal structure processed of the machine tool and not, revamping machinery, machinery moving, production lines and industrial assembly in general.

Subsequently, the PRO.CO.I.M. SRL has faced and realized more and more complex works in the spirit of providing the customer with a global solution in order to address and resolve the whole of technical issues, planning, and execution of a work, coming to designing an entire airport. Currently, the company PRO.CO.I.M. SRL is part of a Group including Carpenteria Colombo and Impianti Draganti Italia and can guarantee to its customer’s very complete services in the field of handling and Infrastructure connected to it, providing innovative and comprehensive solutions both in the civil works sector and plant engineering.


  • Study of feasibility of economic cost analysis of the works and handling systems in general; •Preliminary and final design of the works, full of certifications;
  • Construction of mechanical components and machines; •Construction of handling systems complete of laying and final testing;
  • Construction of infrastructure related to the handling equipment to complete civil and installation works; •Special equipment;
  • Industrial assembly in general; •Planned maintenance and ordinary; •After-sales service;
  • •Consultancy for Airport Management.

Fields of Application AIRPORT CARGO CITY

Pallet handling systems/ goods in arrival and departure from trucks with roller conveyors and loading and unloading platforms. Palletizing and de-palletizing platforms pallet and ULD cargo in import and export. area CARGO. Ramps and platforms of flatbed attack. civil works and ancillary plant.


Baggage conveyor system at the start with check-in counters and X-ray systems, luggage incoming with CRESCENT conveyor system, Civil works, and ancillary plant.


Straight drawdowns, flywheel cables of Tyre Stands Tyre and cables Procedure Trays BitumenTrestles of Tyre and Conduct cables Bitumen trays.


Warehouses goods in metal structures to complete civil works and systems. Lofts interiors for new areas devoted to offices, complete with civil works and plant. Structural expansion of the areas Airport. Reorganization and rationalization in areas Airport. Reclamation covers with civil works and waterproofing. Parking lots with metal structures. Transport systems in general. Special equipment. Via Giosuè Carducci, 41

20098 San Giuliano Milanese (MI)

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