How to be competitive today for “newcomers” in the solar market against big module manufacturers

The European landscape for PV looks at present dominated by very big and mostly Chinese module manufacturers which own a large market share and generate a very tough competition against European module producers. The real challenge for European and small-medium sized module producer companies and for newcomers in the solar business it is to understand how to be competitive against those Chinese module suppliers and to achieve not only good price levels to be attractive for the market but also keep high quality European standard product.

What has to be considered as a milestone for Solar PV companies and newcomers to solar modules manufacturing is to maintain reasonable and mid-low company overhead costs and fixed costs and aim to be efficient in the production by keeping operating costs of the manufacturing plant as low as possible. The Italian company Ecoprogetti, for 20 years has been designing, developing and assembling solutions for photovoltaic module manufacturing with innovative materials and high-quality standards.

The company do not only produce complete turnkey production lines with great manufacturing equipment but also share its experience in the solar industry with newcomers to the market and a deep understanding and transfer of the production process in order to allow newcomers to reduce the entrance costs to the business of manufacturing PV modules. To be a newcomer with no experience in this business can be very challenging, as solar PV becomes more accessible and affordable across the globe, more nations are turning to local PV manufacturing in a bid to stimulate the development of their renewable energy markets, indeed many governments around the world.