Since 1984 Filters for painting and air conditioning

1.What company is Vefim, what is its policy and its values?
The company Vefim was established in 1984 thanks to the commitment of the shareholders who still lead the company through a managerial staff of young employees; indeed, the company employees average age is less than 40 years.
The ethical values still remain those characteristics of an “old-fashioned” company that puts fairness and honesty first. This policy has repaid us in terms of customer loyalty and also with an increasing number of new customers. All our customers are aware that they can rely on quality products and services, especially on our unquestionable commercial correctness.

2.In which fields are your products applied?
At the beginning, for reasons related to the previous work experience of the shareholders, the main application field of our products was the car body and the small painting.
Later on, thanks also to a series of commercial partnership and especially to the establishment of the ‘Gruppo Italiano Filtrazione Industriale (GIFI)’’, the products application field has been constantly expanded and now we boast important references in countless sectors ranging from Automotive, Food, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Railway to naval/marine.
In breve we are present where there is a need to filtration and air purification. On our website we have a special page dedicated to applications divided by sector.

3.Why a company should rely on your products?
Because after thirty-five years of activity we have acquired a deep knowledge of the problems related to air filtration in the most disparate sectors, allowing us to offer the specific product for the customer’s needs.

4.What are the lead time for customer support, in which countries do you operate and what is your distribution network?
Rapid responses to our customers, whether technical, commercial or delivery, has always been one of our strengths. The market, increasingly global, demands it. If you do not adapt, both in terms of structure and skills, you are destined to end your activity.
Vefim does it constantly by investing in: employee’s training, company procedures revision, new IT tools, the structures and equipment of production and logistics. In 2017 and 2018, seizing the opportunities that the Italian Government has made available to companies with the National Industry 4.0 Plan, we have made considerable investments to improve our productivity.


5.Which kind of support can you provide to your customers?
The support we provide to our customers include all the purchasing phases. Our Sales and Technical Offices are highly qualified and competent to meet the customers’ requirements; we have always keep an accurate attention to the customers’ requests, looking for a real collaborative approach with them, also in terms of product customization. Thanks to our procedures and the dedicated tools we have, we can offer a wide range of services: branding, personalized labelling, direct shipments to End-User and much more.

6.What are the most relevant challenges in the field of filtration and how the company Vefim is facing them?
In a competitive sector such as ours, the challenges are on the agenda and they do not only concern technological and product innovation, but also internal work procedures.
The new product we introduced last year is ZeroGlass which is entirely manufactured in Italy by using top-quality polyester fibres; ZeroGlass proposes itself as an alternative to the classic long glass fibre paint-stop. Unlike this, thanks to its 100 % polyester composition, it does not disperse fibres that can cause respiratory or eye problems. The ZeroGlass can be handled with bare hands without the need for special protective suits. After many tests carried out directly in our customers’ painting plants we can affirm without fear of contradiction that ZeroGlass has, in terms of duration and efficiency of filtration, qualities far superior to common paint-stop filters.

7.What are your challenges in the coming decades?
Not decades, but immediately: find Iranian companies that want to put us to the test. Here this would really be a good challenge!
Joke aside, we intend to grow as we have done until now. A policy of small steps that has led us to be one of the best-known companies in our field with a strong presence in both Italian and foreign markets. In recent years we have opened branches,
acquired property for production and for offices. All this maintaining a financial solidity that allows us a total independence from the recourse to the credit system. We do not say so, the leading companies in the business information sector stated this.

8. What does innovation and quality mean for Vefim?
Innovation means more than anything else to think about the real needs of our customers; so, we do not only focus on the product, but also on a whole series of services that can be constantly improved, thanks to the continuous updating of the company’s technology. We strongly believe that customer satisfaction is achieved through a recipe consisting of multiple ingredients including assistance before, during and after sales. To do this, the Vefim collaborators must be able to work in a peaceful and collaborative environment that allows them to express their best. Contrary to what one might think, this philosophy has allowed us to progressively reduce costs by increasing productivity. All this translates to our customers in a lowering of sales prices without affecting the quality of our products.

9.What certifications (ISO) do you have as a company?
Quality has always been our focus on products and procedures. We are a company with ISO 9001: 2008 Certification confirming the continuous seek of high levels of quality, safety and services we provide. Currently we are moving to achieve ISO 18000 which applies the concepts of quality regarding the safety and health of workers in the company. We are also among the few Italian companies to have the Legality Rating.


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