The extraordinary evolution of solid steel wire for MIG – MAG welding


The EVO range of wires:

-Reduces the quantity of fumes during welding -Rapid start of the arc
-Constant Stick-out prevents the wire from sticking to the nozzle
-Constant feeding and wire sliding
-Stable and uninterrupted welding arc -Significant reduction in splattering -Very limited presence of silicates
-Excellent aesthetic quality of the weld bead

The name EVO means Evolution. A true evolution in the traditional solid steel copper welding wires for MIG/MAG welding that has allowed ITALFIL to realize a range of UNCOPPERED/BARE welding wires, that not only equal the characteristics of the copper coated wires (good conductivity, good feeding, oxidation protection ect.), but even surpass their quality, while eliminating the negative aspects.

All thanks to the evolution of the production process, the choice of raw materials, the different treatments and the processing of the same, up to the finished wire which is then ready for packaging.

The advantages of this wire are multiple, the feeding and the sliding of the wire is constant and this allows for a more stable welding arc, with a considerable cut in maintenance and down time.

The start is immediate and the arc stabilizes in a shorter time when compared to the best quality copper coated wires that are available in the market today.

The stick-out remains constant avoiding that, in the long run, the wire sticks to the nozzle and therefore entails the stop of the welding operations.

The significant reduction of the splattering along with the considerable reduction of the silicates, complete the advantages of this unique and extraordinary wire.

These advantages, bring a significant benefit to the aesthetic quality of the welded bead with the consequent decrease in defects in the welding.

Good also when used in applications where the conduit is long and/or has many bends.

We can now turn to the ecological aspect: tests were carried out at the Italian Institute of Welding in accordance with EN ISO 15011-1 showed a reduction in the rate of emission of fumes (FER) from the UNCOPPERED/BARE wire of about 8% and a significant reduction in the emission of copper going from 0,373 mg to 0,095 mg.



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