Heila cranes
developing new solutions for shipowners

Heila cranes

This is becoming a reality.

Finally, a crane that can operate as far as a telescope crane does for the highest platform supply

  • that has a loading capacity as high as an offshore jib crane
  • that has the latest feature of Active Heave Compensated crane available on market
  • that has an incredible space saving during parking position. Less than half of the most common AHC jib crane
  • that is lighter that a common offshore crane
  • that has a design that allows the most versatile operation

This is possible by Heila knuckle telescope crane newly designed

A new concept crane that can agglomerate the best features, and provide to owner multiple advantages, up to-day yet not available.

” You imagine having a crane, that allows you to work for platform supply charter, to buoy handling, to heavy lift operations, to subsea operation with the latest AHC features, all implemented in less than half of the required space on deck compared to normal crane products available on market. This is a revolution for all the owners that are looking for engaging their vessel to multiple charters without compromise”

“targeting Excellence”