in the IRANIAN Market

Founded in 1957, and with 60 years of activity in the Fastening world, FAR s.r.l. is a leading company in Italy and in Europe in the production and distribution of high-technology articles for fastening.
Under the direction of the owner family Generali the company concentrates in 14.000 sqm plant, based in Bologna, the whole production processes of its high-quality products:

-Blind Rivets : more than 600 standard articles in aluminium, copper, steel and stainless steel alloys are displayed in the catalogue, with different options in the anodising and painting surface treatments. Special rivets manufactured according to customers’ request and a wide selection of structural and high-performance blind rivets complete the range.
-Blind Rivet Nuts: more than 200 standard products in steel, aluminium and stainless steel, cylindrical and hexagonal shapes, with metric threads from M3 to
M12. The in-house production process allows FAR to boost among standard products a wide selection of special customized products.
-Riveting Tools: manual, pneumatic, hydro pneumatic and battery riveting tools, available in over 30 models in order to best adapt to the customers’ needs .

-Riveting systems for assembly lines: both hydro pneumatic and semi automatic for better adapt to a variety of high productivity & efficiency industrial processes needs.
Today FAR has reached a leading position within the international markets thanks to FAR local key players who operates in more than 70 countries offering an indispensable technical and sales support on all FAR products. Over the decades FAR products have won a very extensive
presence worldwide in a great variety of sectors such us Construction, Installation of oil & gas, petrochemical plants and related equipment, automotive, transportation, elevators, light aerospace, renewable energy & defence, that’s why some of FAR technologies have been distributed in Iran for more than 20 years and are already very well known in the market as a quality product & long lasting.
All technologies are TUV certified ISO 9001 and this means that over the products, all the processes from the design to the post-sale assistance are fully certified. See www.far.bo.it for technical information, videos or sales support on all FAR technologies.


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