producer for components for heating panel radiators

COMMITAL ISI EKİPMANLARI KALIP SAN. TİC. LTD. ŞTİ. was established in 2004 as a participation of Commital Group of Italian origin, as producer for components for heating panel radiators.
COMMITAL has developed, during the years, its internal production system and has enlarged its products range doing new investments and studying new production processes.
It has been established initially to provide specialized product and services only to domestic heating panel radiator producers in Turkey but later has extended its market presence in Europe, Russia, Ukraine and Iran, by benefiting 40 years experience of Commital Group in international market.

The product range includes Fittings, ½ and ¾ Valve Arrangements, Central tap Arrangements for standard heating panel radiators and Arrangements for vertical panel radiators.
In 2018 we have extended our production to Spacer Rings that will complete the main important offer to our Customer.Annual production capacity is over 50 million Fittings and 5 million Compakt Fittings.
Annual turnover is dedicated for %60 to international markets and for %40 to domestic market.
The quality policy of COMMITAL has always the aim of a complete customer satisfaction. We aim to constantly guarantee the quality of our products and services in accordance with the specifications agreed and our customers’ expectations. In such perspective, we respect the regulations and limitations suited to guarantee the environment, the safety and the workers’ health.

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