Volvo’s rotating pipelayers – Unique ‘all-round’

A new dimension in pipelaying; Volvo pipelayers’ 360 degree upper structure swing capability enables infinite pipe placement possibilities around the machine and even unloading and stacking pipe, with no undercarriage movement.

1Pipelayer to excavator convertibility, with no loss of power/performance in either configuration thanks to perfectly matched hydraulics means they need never be idle. Their tipping capacities – 55 t (PL3005E) and 96 – 110 t (PL4809E, with additional counterweight) handle even the heaviest pipe with ease. Standard, auxiliary hydraulics can power hydraulic attachments, such as pipe facing machines and screening buckets. An Attachment Management System can store up to18 attachment pre-sets with hydraulic flow (standard) and pressure (optional) adjustments to match the attachment and the operator can even select which joystick controls the winch.

Safety features abound. A wide footprint and low centre of gravity give excellent stability. An on-board, state-of-the-art, Load Management System permanently monitors slope inclinations – fore/aft and lateral – boom angle, orientation and load up to a 35 degree slope, feeding an accurate calculation of the safe working load (85% of the tipping load) and the load on the hook to the in-cab monitor. The operator always knows what he can lift safely. External light bars mounted either side of the boom tip display green, amber or red, indicating the state of the load to other operators, ground personnel, but, especially, to the lowering-in foreman, who can instruct other operators to take up some of the load if necessary.


The long boom (with optional, 2 m extension), provides a higher hook height for better work positioning and benefits tie-in operations, unloading and stacking. The extension can be swung back if not required. A ROPS certified, hydraulically elevated cab improves visibility to the trench and laterally and both rear and side view cameras are fitted; the images viewable individually or together on the in-cab monitor.
On slopes, the upper structure swing and swing lock allow the boom to be positioned uphill and locked, keeping the load in front for safer load management and reducing wear on components.
No dismantling required for transportation; just 15-20 minutes to load on a truck, resulting in huge savings in transportation costs, with minimum production time lost.
Volvo pipelayers : Unique concept, unique features, unique opportunities.

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