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About Selmers B.V.

Selmers, a privately owned company from The Netherlands, specialises in the manufacturing of plants and equipment for internal and external pipe cleaning, pipe coating and pipe handling. Established back in 1966, the company has grown into a renowned supplier of comprehensive pipe coating systems, especially of tailor made equipment for both onshore and offshore pipe coating and pipe handling facilities.

Due to its experience, expertise and all-in engineering skills, Selmers manages to stay a step ahead in providing new solutions and creating surplus value to its customers. Especially in the Middle East Selmers has very extensive experience in the world of pipe coating. A strong focus on customer needs enables Selmers to create relevant equipment for the pipe coating industry.

Automatic Peeling resistance tester

Selmers’ knowledge of pipe coating processes comes also to expression in services, trainings, and innovations. Our care does not stop after successful commissioning of a pipe coating plant. However, Selmers wants to take care during the complete lifetime of our supplied equipment. We Care! Besides spare parts, Selmers Global Services offers training programs, maintenance programs, 24/7 support, and QC equipment.

One of the latest developments is the Tape Application Unit, which can be used to protect pipe cutbacks with tape without physical contact of an employee required. This system is developed in order to increase the safety level of the pipe coating area and to achieve better results for cutback coating removal.

External coating plant

Product range
Plants and equipment for pipe coating:
– External multi-layer FBE, PE/PP
– Internal FBE, cement and liquid coatings
– Concrete weight coating
– Multi-layer insulation coating
– Internal & external blasting

In-process pipe handling systems:
– Wheel, endo and chain conveyors
– Pipe indexer units
– Rotation units

Blasting line

Offshore equipment:
– Spool base
– Multi-jointing fabrication lines
– Line-up modules
– Pipe elevators

Field systems:
– Field joint blasters
– Field joint coating
– Pipeline rehabilitation

QC equipment program
– Automatic peeling resistance
– Cathodic disbonding
– And others


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