Pedrollo S.p.A. – Innovation and quality are the driving force of growth


Pedrollo S.p.A. is among the global benchmark companies for the water pumps industry and one of the main firms in the mechanical sector in the North-East of Italy, the country’s most industrialized area. Founded in 1974 by Silvano Pedrollo, president of the society (today along with his son Giulio and his daughter Alessandra as CEOs), the company has a global vocation while producing 100% in Italy.

Indeed, while Pedrollo exports 90% of products in over 160 countries, their design and manufacturing stay in San Bonifacio, in the surroundings of Verona, where their plants constitute a proper industrial district of over 120 thousand square meters. The company turnover, with six direct commercial branches worldwide, exceeds 170 million euros with almost 470 employees. Including its five subsidiaries, Pedrollo Group as a whole produces a 230 million turnover with almost 900 employees. For over 40 years since its establishment the firm has never dismissed one single worker nor has it used unemployment benefits.

Pedrollo manufactures – in highly automated plants – 2.5 million water pumps a year in the submersible, drainage and surface ranges, for domestic, agricultural and industrial use. Certifications and controls guarantee competitiveness to a society reinvesting all earnings in research and development and implementing original solutions in the mechanical, design and electronic fields. This intellectual property of creativity and technology is protected by over 150 patents as well as by a consistent fight against counterfeiting, defending Made in Italy innovation.

Pedrollo has been very active in the Gulf area ever since its first years and can count on its own direct branch in Dubai, offering a fast and accurate service for its loyal customers in the neighbouring countries, representing a significant part of its international business.

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The entrepreneurial vision is sustained by ethical principles and respect for the human being, aiming at a sustainable development which is carried on through several social responsibility activities in support of culture, education, health and the environment in emerging countries. For Pedrollo, water handling is not just its core business, but also a social commitment: thanks to its Water Project it has so far realized 1200 wells worldwide, quenching over two million people’s thirst.



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