OringOne srl – Large diameters and Endless O-Rings produced by step-moldin

The history of OringOne S.r.l. starts in 2002, with an experimental project to start-up a production method for series O-Rings with dimensions over the standards, thanks to the contribution of Duci S.r.l. and the F.lli Paris Group.

The market was requesting a solution to replace those large size O-Rings produced with traditional methods (hot-joint vulcanized or with glues), that were no more performing in hi-end applications. After 5 years of R&D, after having conceived, designed and built brand new machines and procedures, OringOne S.r.l. was finally in the position to provide the right answer to this important demand from the market.

By the end of 2010 OringOne S.r.l. was officially created, entering the market with its own independent management, offering an innovative product and service.

Today OringOne S.r.l. is a landmark for the power supply industry, for the naval and maritime business, for the heavy duty machines, and in general in the whole global business where this top-end O-Rings are needed to guarantee an excellent sealing performance.


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