Starting from process, passing through the project, managment, engineering and thanks to the manufacturing capabilities, NafttechTrading is able to provide a complete service focused of customer satisfaction in the range of its activities.


Boilers, Heaters, Fix Equipments and Flue Gas Treatment Systems
•Fire Water Tube Boiler
•Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG)
•Wast Heat Boiler (biomass or RDF)
•Vertical Heater
•Hot Oil Package
•Fix Equipment (Reactors, Columns, ecc.)
•Flue Gas Desulfuration System (FGD)
•Flue Gas DeNOx
•Dust Filtration System
•Boiler Repowering

Water Treatment Systems
•Reverse Osmosis Desalination (RO)•Heat •Water
•Wast Water treatment
•Ion Exchange
•Biological Plant Re_nery
•Filtration and Ultra_ltration Plant
•Mtbe Treatment Plant
•Groundwater Treatment Plant
•Water Engineering
•Turnkey Facilities
•Rental of Emergency and Mobile System

Sea Water Thermal Desalinations (Distillation)
•Multi Stage Flash Distillation (MSF)
•Multi E_ect Distillation (MED)
•Thermal Vapor Compression (MED-TVC)
•Remineralization Water Systems
•Upgrading and Revamping of Existing Plants

Control System, Electrical System and Instrumentation
•Gas Turbine Unit Control System UCS
•Burning Managment System BMS
•Emergency Shutdown System ESD
•Fire and Gas System Monitoring
•Generatore Control Protection Panel GCPP
•Steam Turbine Retro_t System Control and Woodward)
•Local Panels, Power distribution, MCC and MV panels
•Instrumentation and Instrumentation Panels

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