Locatelli Meccanica, the new pressing way

Locatelli Meccanica presses have broken with the past
With more than 90 years of experience in designing and manufacturing oil-hydraulic presses, Locatelli Meccanica has established a worldwide reputation for reliability and good quality. Its production ranges from Hydraulic Coining Presses, with small and medium-large table dimensions, to Servo-Hybrid Presses and custom made presses. In fact all these machines are involving a hydraulic pressing circuit.

The main characteristics that a good hydraulic press must have are without doubt a good precision and a good working speed. More and more often different operations are carried out at the same time, as an example coining and blanking, in order to save time and to increase the production: Locatelli presses can help you in this.
It is also important to have the possibility to press with different pressures in a closed mould. With this program the material is formed with higher quality than with traditional presses, with great saving of time.

The service is one of our point of interest: very low maintenance is guaranteed, messages displayed inform about the most important maintenance warnings, as well as problems and solutions. The structural conception of the press itself, having all the hydraulic components with easy access, allows whichever type of maintenance in short time and without taking apart pipes or protections.


The stamping industry is moving more and more to automate presses: for this reason our machines comes out already programmed with standard software able to integrate an automation. Locatelli Meccanica can even supply the best solution for the scope of the supply, thanks to the cooperation with very skilled automation manufacturing companies. Locatelli Meccanica is developing for summer 2017 a new line of Servo-Hybrid presses: these machines will offer all the benefits of the servo technology.

The key advantages are the flexibility and reliability. The programmabi l i ty of the slide speed with different fast, slow and standstill phases expands the forming options and optimizes the forming process. The accuracy of the slide movement enables the manufacturing of high precision components.


The benefits for the productivity are obvious:
-Reduced cycle times
-Optimized forming speed leads to better tool life and reduced tool wear
-Unimagined possibilities in the design of metal forming processes
-Improved energy consumption
-Reduces maintenance costs by reducing the hydraulic components
-No oil heating

All presses will be available with made in Italy safety PLC ESA Controllers (Siemens compatible) and visualization equipment according to the latest industry standards, hydraulics from Voigth (Made in Germany).

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