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Following the successful release of the IP hybrid platforms for security and home & building automation, Ksenia Security is now introducing the new “Lares” series wireless IP panel to the market, along with the new wireless keypad and the relevant accessories developed and manufactured by Ksenia Security.

For Ksenia this marks a particularly important occasion for the company as also allows them to present, for the first time, the “Ksenia Secureweb” server, a remote server which will enable the configuration, centralisation and complete management of the system directly from any mobile device in a quick and efficient manner (IoT). Raffaele Di Crosta, Founder and CEO of Ksenia declares: “This is a brand new and revolutionary wireless platform, the only native IP, the most powerful computing capability and memory, the fastest and it is more reliable than others that you can find in the security and home automation Market” .

The full name of of the product is the “Lares wls 96-IP”, and it has been ideally designed for use in historical buildings and other locations where there is a need for a very quick and noninvasive Installation, but whilst still maintaining the required reliability standards as well as the possibility to manage any scenario and free videoverifications via smartphone from any type of camera.

The product is based upon the existing full bidirectional 868 MHz Ksenia Technology, which is encrypted, fully supervised and is compatible with all existing wls peripherals. There is also a speaking keypad in the required language incorporated into the panel. The panel encompasses features such as 4 partitions, 96 wireless Zones (32 peripherals) at 868 MHz bi-directional, speaking keypad in softtouch technology, precision temperature sensor, bi-directional audio, proximity reader, with IP, GSM-GPRS and/or PSTN, video and automation management with thermostat, free end-user APP (Lares wls) and free installer APP (Ksenia Pro) from which it is possible to scan the related QR Code for assignment, centralise with geo-localisation and to configure them, nowadays even from any mobile device in a very intuitive and simply way… and others, everything is followed by the preferred Push Notification.

The external communication of the Lares wls 96- IP platform, in addition to the IP connection, is ensured by add-on GSM/GPRS and/or PSTN modules, directly mounted on the Lares wls 96- IP board. For the first time therefore, even if the IP network fails or in case of a power black-out, it will still be possible to manage the system via GSM with an APP in programming mode.

New features compared to previous systems are also available with video surveillance and video verification via a streaming connection of an undefined number of any ONVIF camera models and by sending email- screen-shots with video attachments related to the time- frames of the selected events.

Ksenia Security is also offering an extension of up to 5 years warranty for the new Lares wls panel. Together with this new fully wireless panel, Ksenia Security is also launching a new wireless ergo keypad in white or black, an on-wall docking station for recharging and bus connection; a 2/3 G GSM add-on module as back-up to the IP and a PSTN add-on module.

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