Ramcro leading innovation: RAMCROIL GASSTOP© Fully Filled Cable IEC 60079-14 cable

Ramcro is THE FIRST Company offering a DEFINITIVE SOLUTION in case of explosive atmosphere.

RAMCROIL GASSTOP© Fully filled cable is the best solution when equipment must be suitable for critical environmental conditions, for example the possibility of water and corrosion entry.


RAMCROIL GASSTOP© Fully filled cable meet the IEC 60079-14 criteria, as it has an extruded inner cable bedding and there is no gas migration path between the conductors.

This standard contains specific requirements for the design, selection, installation and initial verification of electrical installations in, or associated with, places where explosive atmospheres.

The requirements set by the standard apply only in the case of use of the equipment in standard atmospheric conditions, as defined by the IEC EN 60079-0; in the case of different weather conditions it may take additional precautions.

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