140 tons capacity: Heila Cranes improves the Lifting capacity of the Stemat Spirit

In June 2015, Stemat Marine Services signed an order with the Italian company Heila Cranes Spa for the construction of a new Active Heave Compensated crane HR4070 with a boom length of 34mt and a lifting capacity of 140tons, to be installed on one of its vessels, the Stemat Spirit. Stemat Marine Services, based in Rotterdam, is a service company for the maritime sector with a current fleet of more than 50 vessels and offer expert advice to a large number of companies specializing in a wide field ranging from maritime construction to the dredging and offshore industry. Stemat Spirit is a Multi Purpose Vessel, able to do the work of two cable layers on the border of land and sea. She has been used in a large number of wind farm projects. The Stemat Spirit, launched in 2010 in Rotterdam, is a well-equipped cable laying vessel (CLV) with a Bureau Veritas Hull Mach AUT UMS Dynapos AM/AT R Special Service Workboat Class. With a total length of 90mt, a beam of 28 and a draught of only 3.2mt, the Stemat Spirit has the unique characteristic that permits the vessel to be beached, allowing her to do cable work onshore, she uses the Hi-plough, which is the latest in marine technology, allowing a deeper burial for the cable. Currently, there is an Heila knuckle boom crane HLRM 340 on board the Stemat Spirit, a very impressive strong crane that we use for cargo and deck operation. It is operating successfully since 2010 and has demonstrated to be a very reliable product.


“With the changes in demand from clients, Stemat was looking for a reliable Active Heave Compensated crane with strong offshore capabilities, but also the need for a tailor made solution, able to fit on our vessel and satisfy our needs in the best possible way. We have a large number of Heila Cranes installed on our fleet and the long relationship with Heila has given us the confidence to discuss the new crane definition with them”, says Henk van Wingerden, Manager of the Technical Department of Stemat.

“More than a year ago, we started talking with Stemat about this project”, says Massimo Magli, Manager of Sales & Marketing Department of Heila “we understood the importance of perfectly understanding their needs and come up with the best solution. We have strong skills in tailor made cranes and this is our peculiarity, design and built in a very competitive time custom made marine and offshore cranes that perfectly fit and answer the costumer’s request. After a preliminary analysis we had several technical meetings with the client focusing on the optimization of the project and always with the goal to answer and solve all their requests in the best possible way.”

The result is a new unique HEILA active heavecompensated (AHC) subsea crane. Equipped with a machinery room behind the main upper tower, the new jib crane model HR4070/30-2BJ include a 1320 HP Marine Diesel Caterpillar Engine that provides the necessary power for the complete hydraulic control of the crane and the powerful AHC system. The AHC system is designed and produced in cooperation with Bosch Rexroth GmbH assuring the higher performances and the most reliable and precise control of the waves compensation also in deep sea operation and in the most challenging sea conditions.

The crane has been delivered in July 2016.

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