Icel s.r.l.: since 1960 your sourse for plastic film capacitors

Icel was founded in 1961, the production plant is seated in the north of Italy nearby Milan.
From the beginning the production of film capacitors has always been the main purpose. Following the changes of the Market. Icel started as a small manually assembled manufacturer, to become the fully automatized company that is now.
The Icel’s production can be divided in 3 main periods:

1. In the 60’s we were producing for consumer market.
2. In the 80’s We were producing for telecommunications market.
3. The last period covers ± the last 20 years where we have been producing for power applications.

In the ’60 there was high European and domestic demand for electronic appliances, mainly for televisions. Our production was ±80% for Italy and ± 20% for export. Until ± 1990, we have produce axial and radial.

In the ’80 the percentage changed, it was ± 60% Italy and 40% export. We were producing for telecom, low toll and caps for modem. The majority of our export was in USA, we started to work with a distribution American company, which distribute our capacitors in all north America. Due to this sales growth, we had a period of big investments in automation to cover the high volume demand.


The last period covers ± the last 20 years. In this long period we had a lot of changes in terms of production. Now our production is almost 100% automatized and allow us to produce an higher volume with high class quality. We focused our production on power capacitors, the majority of our customers are involved in the production of several different technologies such as: UPS, INVERTER/CONVERTER, MOTOR CONTROL, WELDING, BATTERY CHARGER, INDUCTION COOKING, MEDICAL, TRACTION AND GREEN ENERGY (FOTOVOLTAIC, EOLIC). Our sales percentage is changed, now we are 65% export and 35% Italy.

During this long period of time manufacturing and upgrading our production process, we think we were able to get a lot of knowledge of plastic film capacitors.

Why we hope and think to be important for the market:
– Long history know-how
– Flexibility and service
– We help the customer in choosing the right component, supporting him with samples, preseries and then mass production.
– We are structured to supply small and big quantities with many differences and big varieties of caps.
– Being shareholders in a company that produce automation (especially for caps purpose), allow us
to take advantage of its know-how and dress the machine for our needs.

Thanks to our main characteristics we have been able through the years to reach very different markets all over the world and directly or through distribution, we have been able to cover a fairly big share of market and work for the biggest companies on the market.

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