MCM S.p.a.: Sealing competence for the most demanding Oil and Gas applications

MCM S.p.a. is an Italian company specializing in the production of rubber gaskets customized for specific fields. Since 1979, the company has been dedicated to meeting customers’ needs through progressive engineering, custom manufacturing and global sourcing.
We are certified according to ISO 9001:2008, ISO/ TS 16949:2009, UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 and we have Statement of approval Aircraft.

Our strength is the manufacturing of high-quality rubber gaskets O-rings, Delta Rings, Flat Gaskets, Lip Seals in dimension up to an inner diameter of 2.300 mm made of rubber compounds based on FKM, AFLAS®, HNBR, Viton®ETP and FFKM Evolast® (our registered trademark) available in a variety of NORSOK, NACE, API compliant standards to meet the ever-increasing requirements for seals in Oil & Gas applications, among which:

NORSOK M710 (rapid gas decompression)
NACE TM0187 (sour gas environment)
EN 14141:2003 (fluid resistance)
BS EN ISO 23936-2

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We have a long time experience in solving all kinds of difficult sealing problems inside the Oil & Gas sector. We have with success made sealing solutions to all kind of valves and specific equipment: Ball valves, Gate valves, Butterfly valves, Regulating valves, Plug valves, Seat valves, Check valves, Metering valves, Control valves, Valve actuators, BOP, Couplings for flexible pipes, Xmas trees, Drill drives, Marine cranes.

Our product range offers following advantages: Operating temperatures from -60°C (-76°F) to 340°C (644°F), resistance to rapid gas decompression, outstanding chemical resistance, no degradation of properties over time, good wear resistance and low permeability.


FFKM evolast® parts, the ultimate generation of perfluoroelastomers, are designed to combine the needs for chemical and thermal resistance provided by PTFE with the sealing properties typical of elastomers, offering the highest chemical and heat resistance. Some FFKM types can be exposed to temperatures over 300°C and the resistance to chemicals is nearly universal.
Evolast® items are recommended for extremely severe applications where difficult and costly maintenance strongly requires reduced process downtimes. Evolast® components have outstanding properties well above any other elastomers and resist to wide temperature ranges from -25° C up to 270° C for standard grades, up to and 340° C for premium grades. Special grades from -40° C up to 260° C are also available.
Some evolast® grades have been specially developed for Oil & gas to offer outstanding explosive decompression (ED) resistance and industry-leading low and high temperature performance. O&G grades are NORSOK M710 approved.

Since 2016 MCM S.p.a. is part of a group together with O.L. Seals A/S (Denmark – PTFE Seal and PTFE Gasket Manufacturer) and Mcm-ol Seals (Belgium – sales and warehouse in central Europe).
Our offices in Italy and Belgium stand for extensive technical assistance and manufacturing know-how; together with an extended stock we are offering an ideal platform for successful business. Thanks to our Danish subsidiary we are key technical advisor and manufacturer of sealing solutions in high-performance plastic compounds such as PTFE virgin, modified PTFE, PEEK, PCTFE, DEVLON® and other special materials with springs made of ELGILOY®, HASTELLOY®, INCONEL. We have more than 20.000 standard seals in our range and have developed more than 10.000 tailor made sealing solutions in dimensions from Ø1 up to Ø3,000 mm. Product development is one of the factors which has contributed to our strong position in today’s market, we can offer tailor made solution for any kind of sealing problem.

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