A leading manufacturer of bulk materials handling equipment

GAMBAROTTA GSCHWENDT, established in 1919, is a leading manufacturer of bulk materials handling equipment with a permanent work force of 60 people, managed by the GAMBAROTTA Family. Over one third of our staff is employed in office activities (technical, administrative, purchasing, sales, data processing, etc.) the others are technicians and specialized workers dealing with the production cycle. The Company owns workshop and office facilities totaling 7,200 m2 of covered surface, with an open yard of about 23,000 m2. The total yearly turnover is over 15 million Euros.

A well-established network of agents supports the company’s commercial activity in Europe and in the rest of the world. We design, supply and start up a considerable quantity of machinery and equipment to the Cement, Lime and Gypsum Industries (as main fields) as well as to the Metallurgical, Chemical,

Petrochemical, Fertilizer, Power Generation and other similar industries. Over the decades, GAMBAROTTA GSCHWENDT has continued to develop its production capacity, keeping up with the constant development in technologies, while simultaneously establishing synergies with important companies, and research and development centers. The extensive and specific knowledge has always been the starting point for the design and implementation of machinery that matches all customer requirements, and at the same time fully complying with the strictest international standards such as DIN, ISO, UNI, VDI, AFNOR, ASTM and etc. Given our well-recognized know-how and the considerable experience acquired in the design, engineering and manufacturing of such equipment, we are confident you may consider us as a possible supplier for your current and future projects, with particular reference to:


Metallic slat type, Deep bucket conveyors and Box conveyors (standard and special execution), for Clinker and similar materials. Capacities exceed 1000 Ton/h.


Apron Feeders for extracting heavy and lumpy materials from silos and hoppers. No limits on capacity and material size. Surface feeders.


Bucket Elevators: high and low speed, with single or double chains, with shackles or round link components, with bushed type chains, with rubber belt. Capacities up to 2000 Ton/h, lifting heights of 140 m, material sizes up to 400 mm.


All type of Drag Chain conveyors with single, double or multiple chains for conveying and extracting. Capacities range from 10 to 1250 Ton/h, width from 190 to 3000 mm.


All type of screw conveyors, mixers, humidifiers with full flights, ribbon flights and paddle flights in normal and stainless steel. Complete supply of dosing and weighing systems, special design for the chemical Industry.


Rotating cutter extractors as discharge machines for clinker-limestone-marl-dolomite-gypsum-coal;

Bulk Loaders for open and closed trucks (normal and heavy duty v ersion; for cement, ashes, clinker and other materials).

Cell Feeders in carbon and stainless steel with capacities up to 500 Ton/h, Double-acting flap valves, Cut-off valves with needle gate, sliding or rotating gates, etc.


Worldwide After-Sales Service. Commissioning and Field Assistance. Spare parts supply. Retrofitting and revamping of existing machines.

For customized equipment, special applications and for engineering support, our sales department is always at your disposal for any clarification, feasibility study or preliminary design required both for quotation and for purchasing purposes (mailto gambarotta@gambarotta. it and/or Bulk Solids Mechanical Handling1919 GSCHWENDT